NSC airsoft (Northern Skirmishing Club) is a friendly airsoft club in the north east open to anybody who wishes to play.

We meet every Sunday and have a close relationship to all of our players.

NSC airsoft is also proud to house 5 home teams who love to battle each other regular and make the games very intense, so come on down and have a look.

Membership 2016

Site membership runs from February to February each year

If you have never tried it, now is a good time

join our forum and get to know the guys straight away..

Upcoming Games

8th January

Boldon site

(0900 to 16:00)

15th January

Boldon site

(0900 to 16:00)

22nd January

Boldon site

(0900 to 16:00)
29th January

Boldon site

(0900 to 16:00)

5th February

Boldon site


(0900 to16:00)

Game Day Fees

Members £20
Non-Members £25

Annual Membership

Hire gun package with 3000 bbs £40



BBs Blasters .25g 3000

BBs Blasters .20g 3000



Smoke Grenades & Thunder Flashes £2.50 each
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