So you fancy playing?

First of all, good for you!

But, what do you do now?

First up are you 11 yet? Sorry but our insurance guys insist on it...
If you want to find out what your letting yourself in for contact us and arrange to come down and watch some games. Don't blame us if you want to jump in and get some action though!.

NEW!! Are you between 11 and 16? If you can get a parent or responsible guardian to come down you too can enjoy NSC. you will be able to take advantage of our great membership (We are unable to fill in UKARA forms for players aged below 18) and get the low prices our members pay.


Get going and contact one of us at NSC and book a days gaming, best done through our forum

What do I need to bring?

Some suitable clothing, such as old combats or dark gear... Hi-vis isn't the best idea! Some boots or footwear with ankle protection is a must on the uneven ground (plus our insurance guys say so!) We highly recommend some gloves and a hat. You'll be hungry and thirsty, so some food and drink.

Everything else can be hired from the site! (see site rates to the right) If you want to know more then either contact us direct, or check us out on our [forum] We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

Upcoming Games

18th February

Bygate Plantation, Belsay NE20 0JR

(0900 to 16.00)


25th February

Bygate Plantation Belsay NE20 0JR

(0900 to 16:00)

4th March

Bygate Plantation Belsay NE20 0JR

(0900 to 16:00)

11th March

Bygate Plantation Belsay NE20 0JR

(0900 to 16:00)

18th March

Bygate Plantation Belsay NE20 0JR


(0900 to16:00)

Game Day Fees

Walk on £20

Free Annual Membership and Ukara Registration


Hire gun package include's walk on fee and 3300 bbs




Nuprol 3300 .20g bbs

Ares .20g 5000 bbs

Ares .25g 3000 bbs




Smoke Grenades & Thunder Flashes £2.00 each
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